National Nutrition Week 2021: Nothing more dangerous than these 10 things, leave food immediately

National Nutrition Week 2021: Nothing more dangerous than these 10 things, leave food immediately
National Nutrition Week 2021: Nothing more dangerous than these 10 things, leave food immediately

Nutrition is extremely essential for the development of our body. Proper nutrition is required to run the body smoothly with the birth of the baby and until old age. Due to this, National Nutrition Week (national nutrition week) is celebrated in India from 1st to 7th September.

Often we get confused thinking about what is healthy in food and what is unhealthy. Sometimes, even because of taste, we make food mistakes that are harmful to the body. Often we consume these things to keep our taste intact. This not only increases body obesity but also causes many other problems. Let’s know about some unhealthy food items that can adversely affect health.

National Nutrition Week 2021

White bread – White bread is made of maida, in which fiber and nutrients are found to be non-existent. Excessive consumption of it can increase blood sugar levels. Ejekil bread is a great option if you are not allergic to gluten. Wheat bread is also considered healthy as compared to white bread.

Candy Bar – Candy bars made of sugar, maida and fat are unhealthy for the body. But you don’t shy away from taking their chutneys because of the taste. As a result, it not only increases body weight but can also lead to other health problems. Instead, you can eat your favorite fruit or dark chocolate.

Ice cream Ice cream is delicious and rich in calories. Instead, you can prepare ice cream at home using fresh fruits and less sugar.

National Nutrition Week 2021: Nothing more dangerous than these 10 things

Sweet drinks – Cold drinks, mocktails or coffee etc. are high in sugar. It can increase body obesity as well as pose a risk of type 2 diabetes. Instead, you can use lemon water or soda or tea with less sugar.

French fries and potato chips – French fries and potato chips contain more calories. According to several researches, French fries and potato chips have been attributed to weight gain. They can also contain a large amount of acrylamides, called carcinogenic substances. They are made when potatoes are fried, baked or roasted. Instead, you can boil and eat potatoes. You can also try carrots or nuts.

Frying, grilling and broiling – this process is one of the unhealthy methods of cooking. A variety of chemical compounds begin to form in fried or grilled food on such a high flame. These include acrylamyds, acroline, heterocyclic amino, oxisterol, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and advanced glycation and products (AGE). Many chemicals made during cooking on high heat can increase the risk of cancer and heart disease. To improve your health, follow the boiling, blanche and steaming process and cook on a low flame.

Fruit Juice Fruit juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamins as well as sugar content. There are some fruit juices that contain equal amounts of sugar as coke or pepsi. Pomegranate and blueberry juices are beneficial for the body despite their high sugar content. However, they should sometimes be taken as supplements.

Processed meat – Unprocessed meat is as beneficial to the body as processed meat is harmful. Studies show that people who eat processed meat are at a higher risk of many serious diseases, including colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Instead, if you want to eat bacon, sausage or pepperoni, buy fresh meat and prepare it at home.

Excessive consumption of pastries, cookies and cake pastries, cookies and cakes can harm the body. Pastries, cookies and cakes are made up of refined sugar, maida, fat, etc. They are delicious, of course, but they do not contain any nutrients. In addition, you can try Greek yogurt, fresh fruits and dark chocolate.

Pizza- Pizza is one of the most preferred junk food in the world. Pizza contains calories as well as body-damaging elements. So you can maintain your taste by making pizza swasthy at home.


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