watchOS 8 updates released for Apple Watch users, learn how to use new features

watchOS 8 updates released for Apple Watch users, learn how to use new features
watchOS 8 updates released for Apple Watch users, learn how to use new features
watchOS 8 updates released for Apple Watch users, learn how to use new features
watchOS 8 updates released for Apple Watch users, learn how to use new features

Apple has started rolling out the new version of its watchOS with the release of iOS 15. This means that Apple Watch users can upgrade the operating system of their smartwatch, which now includes features like health sharing, a new watch face, better always-on-display. Let me tell you, watchOS 8 was first announced at Apple’s WWDC program held in June. At that time, the tech chief had shared a teaser of what the new OS would look like for the Apple watch. Since then, Apple has released public betas of the new watchOS 8 so far. The stable version comes more than three months after the announcement and will now be available on all compatible devices.

What does the new watchOS 8 offer? And how users upgrade it, find out everything here

New Watch Face – An exciting new feature on watchOS 8 iPhone can add your portrait mode photo as your watch face. The photo will have the option to customize such a picture with the date and time behind the main topic. In addition, there is a new World Time Watch Face that presents local time in an analog format in different parts of the world. There is also the option of the digital watch on the world time watch face.

Health Sharing – This time the great feature for Apple Watch users is the facility to share their health data with their contacts. This feature is Apple Watch to help users easily share data with friends, family, or doctors so that their close ones can constantly track their health. Note that this data is shared through the Health app and is essentially an upgrade brought in by iOS 15. However, the collection of this health data is largely dependent on Apple Watch.

New methods of messaging – with watchOS 8, Apple Watch will now allow you to write messages using dictation, scribble, or emoji. Users will also be able to correct errors in dictation using digital crowns. It can be rotated to scroll to the spot with an error, which can be edited later as needed.

Smart Connectivity– Apple Watch will now inform users about the current status of all their devices through the icon displayed at the top of the Home App screen. This means users will be informed that their connected device lights or cameras are on, batteries are charged or software needs to be updated. Also, Apple Watch now promises to be more comfortable with connected devices, for example, in smart homes. It also suggests activities based on the time of day and user habits which he notices over time.

Optimized Always-On Display – Apple has optimized the always-on display on Apple Watch with watchOS 8. The display now slows down rather than black, when the wearer lowers the wrist or basically when the clock is on rest. This means you will be able to see the time without activating it with the flicker of your wrist.

The always-on display now supports additional apps such as alarms, maps, stopwatches, and many third-party apps as well.

New Health Features – the breath feature of the Apple Watch has been refreshed and is now called mindfulness, which comes with new visualizations and tips to help users focus and relax from time to time. Similarly, many new workout modes have now been added to the Apple Watch. Apple Watch now tracks your respiratory rate with a sleep tracking feature.

First, note that the new watchOS is compatible with only a few devices. It runs from Apple Watch Series 3 to Series 7 as well as Apple Watch SE. Also, all these features are not available on all devices.

Users who want to upgrade any of these devices to watchOS 8 will need an iPhone 6s or a later version with iOS 15 installed. Once the iPhone is upgraded to iOS 15, users can view watchOS 8 updates in the Watch app on their iPhone. This can be done by visiting My Watch > General > Software Update in the Watch app.




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